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Monday 9/1/14


A) Squat Max 8 then -5% and -10% x 8

  • up to 133kg/293lb x 8 then 126x8, then 120x8
  • Hell. Yes. This was the hardest day of squats I’ve done on this program thus far

B1) Sumo Good mornings

  • 45kgx8 (some low back pain);
  • Decided to drop weight, slow down eccentric, and push hips back more. Test stress using biofeedback before and after each set. 35kgx8 (short), 35kgx8 (short), 35kgx10 (not short) plus 8 more reps (short)

B2) Weighted Plank

  • 15kgx50 seconds (3 rounds)

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Saturday & Sunday 8/30-8/31

10am CrossFit Asheville

Yoke Carry

  • 325lbs x 100 meters
  • a fun new test. this is my strongest carrying movement but pointed out a difference in my stride between my left leg and right leg. Indicates i should do more lunge and step work


  • 75lb x 6, 8, 9
  • I need to get stronger here


A1) Barbell Step-ups 

  • 20in box, 95lbx8 each leg (3 rounds)
  • these lit up my low back. following each round up with the SDHP really got my back pumped up 

A2) One-arm KB SDHP (slower eccentric)

  • Left - 15lb x 20, Right - 35lb x 8 (3 Rounds)
  • first time doing anything with my left wrist. kept the weight super light. No pain or discomfort but definitely going to take things slow

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The lack of specificity of weightlifting assistance exercises : Part 1

Great article! Assistance exercises are more about working on weaknesses and strength balance to prevent injury.

this article resonates with what I have learned about structural balance over the past several months from my awesome and smart friends over at the Stay Active Clinic in Asheville. 

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Thursday 8/28/14 (Rest Day) & Friday 8/29/14


Back Squat 3RM w/ 2 second pause then -5% and -10% x 3

  • 130kgx3 (PR), 133x3 (PR), 120x3
  • Really pleased with these! Was hoping for 130 last week but didn’t feel confident about it. Went for it this week and it was surprisingly easy once I got myself amped up for the set. Went for a 3kg increase with 133 and even that wasn’t a grinding set. I think I often underestimate how much I can push if I am mentally prepped for my work set.

SL KB DL (deficit from 15kg plate)

  • 8 reps each leg (70lbs x 4 sets)
  • I’ll make the deficit bigger next time. Hopefully I’ll be able to use a barbell with both hands soon and really push the weight


Concentric Squat from bottom position 4RM then -5% and -10% x 4

  • up to 115kgx4, 118x4, 105x4
  • these are my least favorite squat variation. Very difficult

Hamstring Curls on rings

  • 4x8

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I wish you guys could see my legs right now. All these squats, single-leg exercises, and hamstring exercises are doing magical things. :P

Don’t look at my upper body though. Lol poor arms are shriveling. 

Travis Mash is writing an upper body strength program for me to do when my wrist allows. Hopefully in the few weeks.

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Wednesday 8/27/14


Front Squat Max 4 with 3 second pauses between reps

  • up to 110kgx4, then 105x4, and 100x4
  • so pumped with this! My squat is going through the roof. 400lbs here I come

Hamstring Curls with the Rings

  • 3x10
  • new hamstring torture! These are really really hard. My left hammie kept getting on the verge of cramping lol


Zercher Deadlift from low blocks Max 4 then -5% and -10% for 4

  • up to 90kgx4, then 86x4, 81x4
  • love hate relationship with these

GHD Raises

  • 3x10


155lb Front Squat x 20 for time:

  • 33 seconds
  • shaved 4 seconds off of my time from last week! I felt like I was moving slower though. So odd

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Tuesday 8/26/14

Bulgarian Split Squat

  • 3x8 (45kg, 50, 55)
  • these are awesome and very tough. Pushing the weight a few kilos every week

Weighted Back Extension

  • 25lb x 10

Lol that’s all I did this day. Was so exhausted from the three workouts I did monday.

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Monday 8/25/14


Squat Max 8 then -5% and -10% x 8

  • up to 125kgx8, 128x8, 115x8
  • super pumped with these! Squat is getting so strong!

4 p.m.

A1) Sumo Goodmorning

  • 8 reps (35kg, 45, 47, 47, 47)

A2) Weighted Plank

  • 10kg x 60 seconds, 60, 60

A3) Lateral KB Lunge

  • 8 reps each leg (10kg, 14, 20, 20)

7:15 p.m.


  • 6x200m 
  • 4x100m
  • 60 seconds rest between each
  • did these with the 6:30 CrossFit class at ABV

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