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Even though getting up early is often hard for me, I feel so productive when I wake up early to coach.

Plus $$$$ and helping people become more healthy and athletic ;)

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Training Monday 4/14/14



  • 75kgx6, 86x5, 95x4, 104x4, 109x4x5
  • Not terrible. Just took a while to get through these

Power Clean

  • 58kgx3, 63x2, 67x2x2, 72x2x2, 77x2x2
  • Pretty good except for one at 77 that I caught weird



  • 51kgx3, 55x3, 59x2, 64x2, 68x1x2, 72x1, 76x1, 80x1
  • warmup sets felt off but no misses and as the weight went up, I got better. Getting really consistent with 80 :)


  • 65kgx1x2, 70x1x2, 75x1x2, 80x1x2, 86x1, 91x1x2
  • Pretty good! My jerks were all pretty good except for one kinda soft one at 91.

Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press (shrug and pause at top)

  • 30lbsx8x3
  • For my shoulders. Gotta get stronger

One-arm Dumbbell Row

  • 50lbx8x3

6:30 P.M. CrossFit ABV

10 min Double Under practice


  • 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders and Sit-ups 
  • I did singles for jumprope so I had to multiply the reps times 4 so it was 200-160-120-80-40 singles

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Saturday 4/12/14 Training



  • 65kgx6, 77x5, 88x5, 96x5, 105x5, 115x5, 118x5x4
  • bumped up my percentages since my clean max went up. Haven’t squatted this heavy in a while. The volume is good though. My left knee wasn’t happy. Took a while to warm it up. I’m seeing a massage therapist for it this weekend


  • 65kgx3, 75x2, 80x1x2, 88x1x2, 91x1x3
  • jerks were pretty good here. Getting more consistent with driving up hard, locking out my arms aggressively, and not shooting my hips back. I don’t think my hips went back on any of these so yay!


Kayaking at Lake Norman with Morghan

  • 30 minutes ish :)
  • Got some sun and lounged around. Also drank wayyyyy too much. And it was sangria - ick

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Training Friday 4/11/14


Power Snatch

  • 45kgx3, 49x3x2, 53x3x2, 59x2x2
  • Power snatches were decent today

Drop Snatch

  • 35kgx3, 40x3, 45x3, 50x3, 53x3, 55x3
  • I think 55kg was a PR drop snatch lol. I hate these

Snatch RDL

  • 50kgx6x4
  • getting them hammies strong as furkk



  • 51kgx2, 55x2, 59x2, 64x2, 69, 74, 76, 78 (2 misses at a double), 80kgx2 (PR!)
  • fuck yea. PR’d my double. Told myself in the morning that I would double 80. Kept missing the 2nd rep at 78 and then thought why am i fucking around with 78, I said I would do 80 and then I got it my first try. Hell yes


  • 65kgx2, 72x2, 77x2, 85x2, 95, 100, 105x2 (PR), 107x2 (PR!), 110x1 (PR!)
  • Awesome day for cleans too! PR’d my double twice and then got a PR single with 110.

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Any idea what the purpose of Clean Pull w/ pause below knee? When I program pulls I always do them with weights near my max clean/snatch, and just emphasize speed through the entire pull

I think just to build strength. A pause means more time under tension. Around the knee is also the most mechanically disadvantageous position so is usually the weakest position to be in. The pause will strengthen that weaker position.

We gotta get strong ;)

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Thursday 4/10/14 Training

Jerk Press

  • 4x6 (20kg, 23, 26, 29)
  • working on feeling out that split position and getting in shoulder work

No Hook No Feet Snatch

  • 45kgx3x2, 50x3x2, 55x2x3
  • these were pretty good. I like no hook no feets usually

Clean Pull w/ pause below knee

  • 77kgx3, 83x3, 91x3x3
  • these are always awkward but Don said i did a good job. Just gotta get those heels down a bit better

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Renaissance Periodization - Episode 81

Weightlifting Scoop podcast about Sport Nutrition with Nick Shaw from Renaissance Periodization. Nick has helped Travis Cooper lean out over the past few months. 

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Slow motion 110kg/242lb clean.

I like to slow down my lifts in coach’s eye to see what I’m doing and thought I would share this one.

I’m doing much better about staying over the bar a bit longer, actively pulling myself down, and staying connected to the bar. :)

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