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  1. notmodernart said: Commonplace books are such a lovely old fashioned thing, and seem so poetic and romantic to me, yet we still do this collecting today via Pinterest and tumblr. But I like the handwritten ones the best.

I never thought of Pinterest and tumblr as modern day common books but you’re right! I prefer my handwritten one as well. It makes it easier to go back and look through everything. There’s also something more raw and personal about handwriting notes.

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  1. lifttobefit said: Groupon is having a $10 off $30 deals and there’s always tons of massages on it

I’ll take a look! I’m looking for a more intense and targeted massage like Neuromuscular. Maybe Groupon will have something :)

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  1. suchgains said: Will that auxiliary strength training program be public?

I hadn’t thought about it, but I can publish it.

Our CrossFit gym has our members doing squat, press, deadlift, pull-ups, and HSPU as part of our regular strength work but depending on what days and how often clients comes in, they could miss important strength days.

I’m coming up with a plan that will use different movements from the ones listed above that they can do 3x a week for 12 weeks. This will be something they can do on their own during normal class times.

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Tuesday 7/29/14


A) Med Block Power Snatch

  • 47kgx2,did 51x2, 55x2, 59x1x3
  • the medium blocks were difficult for some reason

B) Squat

  • 110kgx5x5
  • feels good to start pushing the squat again! Good ol’ 5x5

C1) Dumbbell Bench Press

  • 30lb DB’s x10x2, 35lbx8x2, 45lbx6x2
  • I LOVE bench! Super pleased I could get the two 45lb DB’s for 6 reps

C2) 1 Leg RDL

  • 24kgx10x2, 33kgx8x2, 40x6x2
  • Single leg RDL work never fails to make me sore! Love it

Ring Ab Rollouts

  • 6, 6, 6
  • did one less set than last time and actually feel like I didn’t rip my abs apart this time! haha last time I couldn’t do ab work for like 2 weeks because it hurt so badly

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Random Thoughts Before Bed

  • I feel that since cutting my caloric intake to try and drop a weight class, my sense of taste in enhanced - particularly for carbs. A plain slice of bread tastes pretty sweet to me now. Can’t wait to get down to 71kg and maintain there. 
  • I’m writing a 3x a week auxiliary strength training program for my crossfit gym and I’m pretty excited about it
  • Scouring the OPT website has been very educational for me. I love the way they do programming, however, their certification is extremely pricey. One day I may take it but for now, I’m going to try to glean what I can from the info they put out for free on a daily basis
  • I need to schedule a massage for my upper back and forearms. I think targeting my forearms will do wonders for my left wrist, which although better, is still hurting me. I also have a gigantic knot in my left trap that may be affecting my left shoulder?
  • I’m very much enjoying keeping a commonplace book. I’ve been writing down thoughts, quotes, words, etc. that I like from literature, videos, lectures, conversations, etc. on index cards for the past several weeks and have amassed a good collection. 
  • My sister is creating a website for me and I’m stoked! She’s amazing with photography, filmmaking and editing, graphic design, etc. 

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Training Monday 7/28/14

8:30am at Mash Elite

A) Snatch

  • 35kgx3, 45x3, 55x2, 60x2, 65x2, 70, 74, 77, 80, 83
  • this wasn’t Don’s program but I didn’t have it and the Mash team trains way earlier than we do so I just followed along with them. Happy that 83kg is becoming more consistent

B) Hang Clean + 2 Jerks

  • 55kgx2, 65, 75, 80, 89
  • These were fun. Haven’t done hang cleans in a long time. Love doing double jerks

C) Snatch Pull

  • 80kgx3, 85x3, 90x3
  • These felt very good. I want to more of these


A) 1 Pull + 1 Snatch

  • 53kgx2, 57x1x2, 61x1, 65x1x2, 69x1, 72x1x2
  • these felt like money! So much better even than my snatches in the morning

B) 2 Cleans + 1 Jerk

  • 67kgx2, 72x1, 78x1x2, 83, 88, 90
  • these were pretty good.  A bit soft on my lockout on my last couple of jerks though

C) Push Press

  • 45x5, 55x5, 60x5x4
  • Getting strong!

D1) Russian Leans

  • 8, 8, 8
  • for the hammies 

D2) Feet Elevated Inverse Row

  • 8. 8, 8
  • for dat back

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Saturday and Sunday 7/26 & 7/27

Sat 11am

A) Low Block Power Snatch

  • 47kgx3x2, 51x2x2, 55x2x3
  • super tired today. Kinda annoyed at doing low block power snatch two days in a row. usually saturday’s are squat and push day

Back Squat

  • 70kgx6, 80x5, 92x5x5
  • These felt super easy, as they should. It was only 80% of my best clean

Sunday 10am

Jerk + OHS

  • 115lb, 135, 165, 185, 205, 215 (PR), 225 (PR)
  • not scheduled to do anything sunday but wanted to do something for fun. Proud of a 15lb OH squat PR with more in the tank!

Cardio: 3 Rounds

  • B1) Row 300m easy-mod pace 
  • B2) 30 double unders (i suck at double unders so this was good practice and not super intense)
  • B3) 100m Farmer’s Carry (60# per hand)
  • I love rowing for cardio. Farmers carries were harder than I thought they’d be. I believe that bringing up my carrying strength will help me in the long run with staying strong and healthy though.

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Friday 7/25/14


A) Power Snatch from low blocks

  • 47kgx3x2, 51x3x2, 55x2x3
  • I love the low blocks

B) Push Press

  • 45kgx5, 55x5, 60x5, 62x5, 63x5, 64x5, 65x5
  • Very pleased with these. My OH strength is increasing! 

C1) 1-Arm DB High Pull

  • 30lbx8x3
  • Got to bring this up. I’m weak in my upward pulling. This will also be beneficial for my shoulders

C2) DB Bench Press

  • 35lbx7x3
  • I love bench press. I love when my chest is sore


A) 1 Pull + 1 Snatch + 1 OHS

  • 53kgx1x2, 57x1x2, 61x1x2
  • Yay first complex of the new cycle! Complexes are the bomb

B) Cleans

  • 68kgx3, 73x3x2, 79x2x2, 85x2
  • easy doubles

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Training at my gym alma mater Mash Elite today with my Mash Mafia brothers and sisters ;) I love these guys.
It’s so awesome to get a break from my daily routine even for just a day.

Trained at 8:30am this morning which is much earlier than my usual 11am haha. We go back at 2 for more work.

In other news, I’m back on that diet grind. Trying to get down to 155lb or so. Logging my meals myfitnesspal so I can see the macro/calorie breakdown.